Goal setting and perseverance form the main building blocks of purposeful living. The mind-set used by successful entrepreneurs makes effective use of goal-directed thinking, and planning every step of the way when starting any enterprise. To set the right goals and to reach them, a special way of thinking is required, a growth mindset, which strives for excellence. The term “Excellence” we may have heard various times in our live, but what does it actually mean to achieve excellence? What have leaders in common which are driving true change? What are the parameters of high performance and how can we adapt them to our daily schedules? This is the research area I am working on. In the course of the research I have conducted various surveys, read a lot of literature and interviewed specialists on this subject, entrepreneurs and scientists. I believe that it is essential to be aware of the things we want to achieve, and therefore to be aware of  living up to the parameters of excellence.


It`s just a mindset game

The power of your mind when used for setting and achieving goals is the path to success. All too easily, we get distracted when we start out while deciding what we want to achieve. Missing goals we set ourselves is the definition of failure, whereas attaining them provides a sense of achievement and accomplishment – it all boils down to a mind-set game.

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Only a  proper understanding of excellence will ensure, that we can live up to it. Acclaimed author, John Maxwell encourages us to ensure our vision in a recipe for personal growth. In John`s own words:“In a growth mind-set, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work – brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.”His model requires that we understand the difference between a growth mind-set and a fixed mind-set, so that we can identify practices and language that promote the former.Financial success is likely related to excellence, because great leaders know how to create financial freedom, but this is not the main indicator. True excellence includes a high degree of dedication and consciousness for big challenges.


While we all like to dream of a great future for the ideas we give birth to, converting visionary concepts into successful outcomes is a completely different ball game and one that few of us get to achieving in reality. Therefore it is necessary to learn how to live up to the concept of excellence. Our society remains catchend in a trap, which Psychologists call ” Bystander effect”. Instead of taking actions, we resign and just “stand by” waiting for an initiator to show the further course of action.The truth is, that a lot more people have the potential to be initiators. The first step of living excellence is therefore to take the initiative and start with self- development. While pursuing  great projects it is essential to adapt to strategies of high performance to reach the best possible outcome.

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